the yay! you did it! box


show how proud you are of your friend or family member with a sweet little basket of cheer to say "congrats!"

gift basket includes:
 Sweeter Card Congratulations Chocolate Bar Card
Knot & Bow Confetti Pop
"Congrats!" Candle (island citrus scent - fresh & clean!)
Wrapped up in a cute reusable basket with a big pretty ribbon 

*just like with all of our ready to ship gift baskets, we will send exactly what is pictured here unless we are sold out of a particular item. in that case, we will replace with something of similar meaning/style and pricepoint.

our inventory changes out frequently but many items will be stocked on a more consistent basis according to demand. all items stocked in our shop and in our gift baskets are from small makers, designers and artists around the country.