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the mom basket


it's obvious that babies need a lot of love but it's especially important that new moms receive extra care, support and care. if a new baby is entering your family and you're on the hunt for a cute baby gift, we also highly recommend purchasing something for the mama once the baby is born. while we can help curate a beautiful, uplifting gift basket for her regardless, we want to also use this opportunity to bring more awareness to the importance of ongoing maternal mental health and wellness. 

10 to 20 percent of pregnant women or new mothers will experience signs and symptoms of a postpartum mood disorder (postpartum depression, postpartum anxiety, etc.) and it's so important for those around her to give the support she needs. most communities have some sort of resource for women whether that be at her OBGYN or local hospital. However, this country has a lot of work to do to take the stigma away from this very prevalent issue and implement more resources. 

which is why we are donating a large portion of the sales from this particular gift basket directly to the Bloom Foundation, a local non-profit that helps women get the help and support they need with PPD/PPA. 

gift box includes:
Mom's One Line A Day

Mama Yard & Charm Bracelet (in mini glass jar with cork top)

Porcelain "Mom" Trinket Dish
Handwritten Card

Herban Essentials Lavender Essential Oil Towelettes

*just like with all of our ready to ship gift baskets, we will send exactly what is pictured here unless we are sold out of a particular item. in that case, we will replace with something of similar meaning/style and pricepoint.

our inventory changes out frequently but many items will be stocked on a more consistent basis according to demand. all items stocked in our shop and in our gift baskets are from small makers, designers and artists around the country.