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the local box


ALU is so proud of our home state of New Jersey and even more proud of the local makers throughout this state that show their pride, creativity and passion through their small businesses. 

The Local Box is a New Jersey-centric gift box that you can of course order for yourself, but it's especially wonderful for anyone feeling homesick. A college student moving away from home for the first time, someone who hasn't lived in NJ for years but still has a special place in their heart for this wonderful state...

Our assortment is constantly changing especially for this box in particular, as we work with local makers in our community to help us stock it for you. 

An example of what this box includes:

A New Jersey greeting card

NJ state keychain

A beach inspired art print by Evergreen Summer (illustrations by NJ based artist Meg Rometty)

One locally sourced product, ie: local coffee, tea, a candle, candy, etc.