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the 'in be-tween' box


Send a little collection of cute, happy and fun treasures to that big kid or tween in your life! It's never a bad idea to show them how much you love them so this 'in be*tween' box is perfect for any day or any occasion!

Gift Box Includes:
Fun candy by The Candy Club
Organic Bath Bomb
Colorful Handmade Wool Necklace
Non-toxic nail polish
Glittery change pouch

*just like with all of our ready to ship gift baskets, we will send exactly what is pictured here unless we are sold out of a particular item. in that case, we will replace with something of similar meaning/style and pricepoint.

our inventory changes out frequently but many items will be stocked on a more consistent basis according to demand. all items stocked in our shop and in our gift baskets are from small makers, designers and artists around the country.