styling services

Life is busy and we can all use a little extra support and creative professional advice when it comes to dressing ourselves, shopping for gifts or styling a room in our home.
When you're shopping in A Lovely Universe, you can always count on us to give styling advice and tips and tricks on how to put a look from the store together. The shop may be known for women's clothing and accessories but as we grow, our focus is more lifestyle driven. Discovering items to add to your wardrobe that make you feel your best is so important but it doesn't have to end there. 
Whether you're headed to a job interview, a weekend wedding or you're simply in need of a boost as you enter into a new season..we are here to offer an expert eye and options to match every budget.
In addition to all of the buying and merchandising that goes along with running a retail business as well as years of professional experience working with clients, we are now offering a range of different one on one styling options. Since everyone is different, we can work with each client on their individual needs. A list of our current services below:
personal styling  
closet organization
photoshoot styling 
home / office styling   
personal shopping   
small event styling 
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